Cerebro Generative AI Platform

Gen AI Apps that help you embrace the future, gain a competitive edge, and drive growth

Cerebro: A Multimodal Generative AI Platform

Leverage the capabilities of AifaLabs Cerebro, a versatile multi-model platform designed to empower enterprises in the responsible creation, management, and deployment of Generative AI applications 10x faster. It ensures meticulous governance and adherence to applicable regulations.

Cerebro Core has the cutting-edge features that modern companies need to compete

Allows enterprises to selecttheir preferred large language models (LLMs) like Azure Open AI, AmazonBedrock, Google, Hugging Face, and Cohere
Enhances productivity across diverse use cases, including content creation, software design and development, language translation, synthetic data generation, summarization, sentiment analysis, question and answer tasks, SAP AI-assisted code generation, and more
Runs in the cloud, at the edge, or from a data center to meet all deployment needs

Cerebro Marketplace

Set of products that helps enterprises to create, manage and deploy Generative AI applications responsibly with meticulous governance and compliance with relevant regulations

Low-Code/No-Code Flow AI Designer
Bring Your Own Large Language
Model (BYO LLM)
Visualize Usage Statistics
Track Token Consumption
Prompt Marketplace/Prompt
Engineering Studio
Manage a List of Generative AI
Vendors and Models
Use Your Preferred Optical Character
Recognition (OCR) Service
View API Call Volumes
Cerebro Marketplace
Cerebro Marketplace operates as an integral part of the Cerebro Generative AI ecosystem, providing an extensive array of ready-to-use AI tools and applications tailored to diverse needs. This digital hub simplifies the adoption of sophisticated AI solutions, boosting efficiency and fostering innovation across user and business operations, all without the necessity for in-depth technical expertise. With just a click, customers can quickly activate these AI solutions, having them operational in mere hours.
Run Cerebro Anywhere
Deploy the Cerebro platform in the cloud, a datacenter, or on edge devices. We support Amazon, Azure, Google, Alibaba, and SAPBTP cloud environments with a one-click deployment feature to go operational inless than an hour. Additionally, our platform is engineered to function on edgedevices as necessary.
AI Safety
Assists enterprises in managing GenAI risks with heightened visibility into large language model usage. Implement responsible AI practices, incorporate AI content safety filters, establish prompt guardrails, and enforce security and privacy with help from Cerebro's AI Safety.

Cerebro Use Cases

Take advantage of Cerebro Core's manyoperational benefits. In addition to improved productivity and increasedefficiency, our multimodal Generative AI platform offers several technologicalperks. From superior contextual learning to ever-expanding capabilities,Cerebro Core gives businesses the edge over the competition. Explore the mainbenefits of Cerebro Core below.

Case Studies