Artificial Intelligence For IT Operations (AIOps)

AI Ops is the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance IT operations.

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What Is Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations?

AIOps is a combination of the terms artificial intelligence (AI) and operations (Ops). More specifically, it represents the merging of AI and ITOps, referring to multi-layer tech platforms that apply machine learning, analytics, and data science to automatically identify and resolve IT operational issues.
The term AIOps was first coined by Gartner in 2016, and grew out of the digital-transformation shift from centralized IT to anywhere operations with workloads in the cloud and on-premises across the globe.
AIOps introduced a new model for managing IT operations. Machine learning has revolutionized modern business. In fact, according to The Global CIO Point of View, nearly nine out of ten CIOs are either already employing this technology, or are planning to adopt it soon.