Converse AI: Cerebro’s Business Version of ChatGPT Enterprise

Improve efficiency by 30-50% and productivity by 40-60 %, reduce operational costs by 20%, and secure your corporate data with Converse AI! Cerebro offers a tailored version of OpenAI's ChatGPT, featuring a multi-model selection tailored for businesses, which leads to better productivity, sophisticated data analysis, and heightened security. Converse AI serves as an all-encompassing conversational AI chat interface, adept at managing various enterprise generative AI applications and Agent flows. It streamlines a range of tasks, including starting new chats, conducting document-oriented discussions, activating voice chats, and interacting with data, making it a versatile tool for enterprise use.

What’s Included With Cerebro Converse AI?

Free Access

For those seeking additional assistance, we offer the option of paid enterprise support, which includes comprehensive help and ongoing software updates.

Cost Savings

Avoidance of per user/per month licensing fees, significantly reducing operational costs.

Conversational AI Universal Interface

Chat, voice, and avatar interfaces for a seamless user experience

Centralized Access

A one-stop shop for all generative AI applications, both internal and external

Flexible Integration

Compatible with a variety of large language models (e.g., GPT, Dall-E, Cohere, Palm, Llama, Claude, Gemini) and small language models (e.g., Phi-2, Gemini-nano)

Cerebro Prompt Marketplace

Easy access to premium, thoroughly tested prompts, enhancing productivity

Enhanced Security

Data encryption at rest(AES 256) and in transit (TLS 1.2+) for utmost privacy

Extended Context Windows

Allows for more in-depth conversations with a 4x longer context

Data Sovereignty

Ensures data never leaves your controlled environment, maintaining data integrity

Deployment Flexibility

Host on private clouds, data centers, or at the edge, catering to diverse deployment needs

Cerebro Core Admin Cockpit

Offers real-time analytics and usage insights (users, token consumption, prompts, etc.)

Multi-Language Support

Cerebro Converse offers language detection and processing and translation capabilities in multiple languages to serve a diverse user base

Multiple Authentication Methods

Includes LDAP, SAML SSO, Azure, and more, for robust security

Stringent Security Controls

Robust access controls, chat history backups, and auto-cleanups maintain security and order

Our customers love Cerebro Converse AI because...

It's available at no charge. Enterprises can access and implement Cerebro Converse without any initial costs, steering clear of the per user/per month licensing fees and significantly reducing operational expenses. This model results in an estimated annual saving of $200,000 for every deployment involving 1,000 users.

Converse AI offers a universal chat/voice interface with the added flexibility of choosing from multiple AI models, enabling access to Enterprise ChatGPT-like functionalities for users across all departments, including HR, Finance, Procurement, Sales, Marketing, Quality Assurance, Supply Chain, and IT.

Customers appreciate the continuous updates and innovations that keep Cerebro Converse AI at the forefront of AI technology, constantly expanding its capabilities and improving user experience.
Data Security & Sovereignity
A strong commitment to data privacy and security ensures that all interactions and information remain protected. Data never leaves your controlled environment, maintaining data integrity.
Designed with ease of use in mind, it allows users of all technical levels to interact with AI capabilities without the need for extensive training.
The platform easily scales to meet the growing needs of businesses, supporting increased usage without compromising performance.

Benefits of Converse AI

With Cerebro’s Converse AI, your team can rapidly explore answers to some of the most complex business questions, produce creative work even faster (30%), and craft clearer communications. With enterprise-grade security, your own LLM’s/ Tokens, and lightning-quick deployment, Cerebro’s Converse AI can safely jumpstart your business in a few days.

Seamless Integration: Converse AI is designed for easy integration within its ecosystem, making it an ideal choice for organizations that rely on its suite of products and services for their operations.

Cost-Effective Solution: Converse AI is offered at no additional cost with certain subscriptions, providing an affordable option for businesses.(save 80% of costs compared to others)

The introduction of GPT and other LLM's presents businesses with a prime opportunity to leverage artificial intelligence through Converse AI, enhancing their operational efficiency (30% or more), teamwork, and decision-making capabilities.

Customer Support

Enterprises can utilize Converse AI to create  chatbots that serve as effective conversational agents within their customer service departments. By managing routine inquiries, resolving issues, and guiding customers to appropriate resources, these chatbots significantly improve both the customer experience and the efficiency of support teams.
"How can I reset my password if I've forgotten my login details?"
"What are the steps to return a product I purchased online?"

Integrate Various Data Sources

Cerebro Converse AI + Knowledge AI enables the consolidation of all your data sources into one platform, including document repositories (like Google Drive, SharePoint, OneDrive), Learning Management Systems (LMS), knowledge bases, support sites, help desks, and websites. Its AI-powered search capability can swiftly sift through all your data, delivering pertinent responses by aggregating information from diverse sources..

Marketing and Content Creation

Converse AI empowers you to craft compelling and captivating content for your marketing initiatives. It's capable of producing creative ideas, slogans, or full-length articles in response to your prompts, ensuring your brand voice remains consistent throughout.
Generate an engaging email campaign for our new product launch next month

Internal communication

Converse AI facilitates internal communications within enterprises, helping employees access and understand company policies, procedures, and knowledge bases with ease. It also promotes more effective teamwork by streamlining the creation of reports, proposals, and meeting notes, enhancing overall collaboration.
Draft an announcement for the upcoming team-building event."

Developer Productivity / AI Assisted Coding

Converse AI serves as an invaluable asset to development teams by providing coding suggestions and addressing complex programming challenges. This can speed up coding tasks and minimize errors, optimizing the software development process.
Rewrite this [Python code here]

Features of Cerebro’s Converse AI (Enterprise ChatGPT)

Converse AI enhances business communications with its ability to synthesize information from various sources, generate engaging marketing content, and manage customer inquiries through efficient chatbots. It supports multiple languages, ensuring global applicability. With features tailored for content creation and customer support, Converse AI streamlines operations and maintains a consistent brand voice across all interactions.

Awesome User Interface
End-User Personalization
Prompts at Your Fingertips
Multi Model Conversational AI Interface
Voice Chat (Siri-Like) Experience:
Generate (Text/Images/Code...)
On-Demand Document Chat:
Analyze Data from Excel...
Token Consumption Monitoring
Collect End-User Feedback


What is Enterprise ChatGPT?
What are Large Language Models ?
What is a prompt?

Case Studies

Enable Enteprise ChatGPT in less than hour| with Cerebro Converse AI by AiFA Labs

Revolutionize your organizational communication and efficiency by integrating Enterprise ChatGPT capabilities swiftly with Cerebro Converse AI. Developed by AiFA Labs, this powerful tool is designed for rapid deployment, allowing businesses to unlock advanced AI functionalities in under an hour. Its seamless setup process ensures that you can quickly enhance your operations with sophisticated conversational AI, without the need for extensive technical expertise or prolonged implementation periods. Embrace the future of AI-driven communication and operational excellence with Cerebro Converse AI. Get Cerebro Converse AI today and transform your enterprise's approach to customer interaction, productivity, and innovation.

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